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21 Movies you need to watch before getting married!

Planning your wedding? We know how that can be! From picking a venue, choosing band or DJ, or anything in between, we believe, scratch that, we KNOW you deserve a break from all the hard work you’ve been doing, so, why not watch a movie that’ll give you something to learn about marriage, what to do or not do.

Now grab a bag of popcorn or bowl of ice cream and get ready to enjoy!

1. The Wedding Planner

2. Father of the bride

3. My Best Friend's Wedding

4. Runaway Bride

5. This is 40

6. Sweet Home Alabama

7. Bride Wars

8. The Proposal

9. Mamma Mia

11. Serendipity

12. P.S. I Love You

13. Safe Haven

14. The Choice

15. 27 Dresses

16. Made of Honor

17. Crazy Rich Asians

18. The Family Man

19. Life As We Know It

20. Love, Rosie

21. It's Complicated

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